We believe that parties are all a bit different. Sometimes what works at one venue simply won't work at another. This is why we have a selection of items available for rent that will satisfy the needs for your event. We've got everything from table cloths to bounce houses here at 5 Brothers Party Rentals. Just let us know if you're looking for something and you can't find it here!

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Tables & Chairs

No two events are ever the same. We want to offer you a wide selection of tables that will accomodate whatever aesthetic that you are looking for! Whether you need some classy cocktail tables or a table to keep the kiddos happy, we've got your back!

Folding Tables & table cloths

Round Table

Solid Table

Adjustable Height Table

Children's Table

Padded Chairs

Padded chairs are a great way to improve the quality of your event. These allow for a more comfortable sitting experience for all of your guests. For long events, these can be a real lifesaver!

Weddings & Event Equipment

A wedding is a special occasion that often requires a specific set of equipment. We want to offer a seamless experience to your event. We have awnings to keep you cool during the day, with lighting to keep the fun going after dark. Also we have tents available to enjoy a wedding without the wind. Sometimes all you need are tables with beautiful cloths to match the color scheme of your wedding.

Table Cloths & Decorations

Light up Awning

Awning with Walls

Event Tent

Entertainment Items

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Mechanical Bull

Dance Floor

Here at The 5 Bros Party Rentals, we like to have fun! We have something for everyone! Whether it is a mechanical bull, a dance floor, or a huge inflatable slide for the children. We also have some other items available upon request.

Food, Snacks & Comfort

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Snow Cone Machine

Outdoor Heat Lamps

Heating trays

Whether you need to cool off or warm up, We have everything you need! Keep your food items hot with our heated trays, and enjoy fresh popcorn and or shaved ice at your events!

Popcorn Poppers

Cotton Candy Machine